Thursday, February 2, 2012


today, i wake up really late, i mean really because i was playing Dragon of Atlantis in facebook all night long, and i went to bed around 6 o'clock in the morning.
i wake up at 4:30 pm and start with my red winston stick in my mouth while checking my dragon of atlantis troops battle report..i am so addicted to this game right now, :D
organizing my troops attack until all done, in between listening to music and checking others blog on the net. when i realize the clock was at 6.42pm i forced myself to go to washroom and take a bath, while still thinking where i wanted to go. im starting to feel hungry, damn hungry, so i take on clothes and go out of the hostel as soon as possible.
take a cab and go to Bangsar Lrt..stop at central market, wandered around, seeing all the people, looking around the place, i think i should go to BB plaza, maybe there are performances as usual every night on my day off. when i arrive there, only 1 performance which play a "natural music"
which i not so interested to stay for long time, about 10 mins, i get bored and thought i should watch movie, yeah.."Haywire" was in my mind.
so i walked away and go to times square,passed along the "mamak stall" where usually a live band playing there,but not tonight,i dont know why and i dont care much about i continued walking, suddenly met my old friend was eating,i was looks like someone i know..he was also looking at me..we like "oh my god, i thought some random people staring at me, so i sat,order nasi ayam and glass of hot nescafe..we have a lil talk about everything that amazed us, old memories, bout what other friends are doing, then we decided to watch a movie,
ok, we should watch "Haywire i said,i think this movies is so after finished eating, we go to times square and looking at the movie lists,i saw "Chronicle" and read the synopsis,"3 school boys found a cave and got a superhuman power after touching a blue glowing stone inside the cave,..this story a bit slow, but the idea of a superhuman power like floating things with mind power, flying, and bullet proof body, its just like seeing another version story of "Superman"..
if this "Chronicle" ever got another sequel, i will definitely watch, cuz its ending leaves us a questioned, what the fuck Matt wanted to go to tibet?..just want to make his cousin's dream come true?..i can't wait for the sequel..Chronicle......

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